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[WR] Erik Akkersdijk 41.31 4x4x4 single and 49.03 average


Premium Member
Jul 6, 2006
Rotterdam (actually Capelle aan den IJssel), the N
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Why do I like these video's so much?
And why did I expect Erik to use a sirtaki as background music? Starting "slow" and speeding up the entire time, plus some Greek "Hoppa's" would have been very fitting ;)

Did you know that:
* Erik got a phone-call asking if he was going to Brussel on thursday?
* Erik asked me for a ride not much later?
* Erik almost cancelled on Friday because he was sick?
* I was actually on time at Eriks place on friday night :D
* We were even on time in Brussel :eek:
* The only reason Erik did so well was because I took over his sickness :(
* That doesn't stop me from congratulating him anyway

Congratulations again Erik. You have raised/lowered the bar yet again by several seconds, several times, and you made it look so easy this time. I really don't dare to imagine what would happen if you
* Didn't have all those edge-pairing-parities on 5x5x5
* Didn't lock up during PLL at least twice on 5x5x5
* Would ever get a 4x4x4 average without (counting) parities
* l.a.s.t..l.a.y.e.r. skip................

I sense Dan's revenge.
Dan said he isn't planning on going to another competition this year. I know Erik will go to at least 3 more. There will be a fight for these WR's, but I guess it will be Japan, Poland or maybe The Netherlands (Erik or a surprise attack by "unknown" Marc van Beest). Taiwan and Hungary are all doing great as well.
Sigh...... It isn't even 2 years ago that Michael Fung did "the impossible" and got a sub 60 average (and a 51 single). Now we have a sub 50 average (and a 41 single) :eek:


Premium Member
Dec 5, 2007
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Why so disappointed after the first 5x5x5 solve? It was still crazy fast! Well done Mr. Akkersidjk, you keep making those records harder for me to catch up to :p