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Does it make a huge difference if I clean and properly lube my new Yuhu Megaminx?


Oct 8, 2015
Ithaca, NY
So I just got my first megaminx today. It catches a lot out of the box, but it turns pretty fast. I plan to set it up a bit later. I don't have any experience with megaminx so I hope I can get some feedback here.

What I do with 3x3 is take everything apart, clean all the factory lubes, then lube the core and each piece carefully. I feel it takes the cube to the next level after doing all these. However megaminx has 12 faces and a ton more pieces. Before I do the same thing I need some confirmation that this is worth it. So if you have experience with megaminx, especially the YJ Yuhu, please let me know:
1. Is it necessary to lube the core of a megaminx?
2. Is it necessary to clean out the factory lube on the pieces? If I just put 30k differential oil on top of the factory lube would it be a mess?
3. For Yuhu in particular, how much lube is ideal? Can you compare it a 3x3? What I meant is some 3x3s, like Aolong and Yuexiao like a little bit more lubes, where Gans 356 will become really hard to turn with just a little lube. If you can tell me I should lube Yuhu as if I'm lube the ______ 3x3, that would be great!
4. What is the optimal tension that you feel comfortable with? After playing with it for about 30 minutes I feel it flex a lot, so if I set the tension loose it catches all the time. Should I set the tension pretty tight so that it doesn't really corner cut but also wouldn't flex that much?

Thanks for all your inputs in advance!


Nov 7, 2014
YuHu initially had some QC issues with bent screws that caused the puzzle on various sides to be more prone to catching and other issues. It's worth disassembling and inspecting the screws.

1. It's got a core, with springs and screws just like any other cube. It wouldn't hurt.

2. Not necessary, but you might have mixed results. It's not that difficult to wipe with a paper towel.

3. Don't have a YuHu so don't know what plastic is like.

4. Result of the actual design of the puzzle and raised caps. I've used one and generally it's going to move or flex on its own with optimal tensions. That being said it's also very personal and you should tension it to suit how you turn.

Good Luck