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Does anyone know of a portable home-made stacktimer (stackmat)?


Sep 4, 2009
Hi..i just wanna ask to all of this thread's reader. does someone has the stacktimer which is from old stopwatch, and u just turn it become stacktimer??so it's become portable stacktimer. maybe u can share about how to make it, in here..i really wanna know about that..thx..really thanks...:)


Jan 10, 2009
Kingdom Of Bahrain
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i saw such timer, in youtube, so i asked the guy how he made it, he said:

"just a regular cheap timer
2 wires
and a 2 way switch
the best switch is what they use on arcades
i just got lucky in studying the switch i think its easy
in the timer you need to know the start/stop button
and take off put a wire on any positive or negative
and the other wire is for negative or whatever
put the ends of the wire to the switch and with just trial and error you may find the right spot on the switch "

so, i really didn't made that timer, i just made a timer from old keyboard, and put the circut in a project box, and put 2 metal plates, for my hands to lay down on

watch his video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5g6WsnxjQ4