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Different magnet capsules on GAN460 M


Jun 7, 2019
Hi guys, I've recently bought a stickerless GAN460 M and I've noticed that its inner magnets have 2 yellow magnet capsules as opposed to my old stickered GAN460 M which has 1 yellow and 1 green magnet capsule per side of a piece. Does this mean that they have different set of magnets with different strengths? Because with the GAN356 X's magnet capsules having different colors means different strengths, would this also mean the same? Its corners most likely has different magnet strength and is in another color, a transparent one.

As far as with the feel, the stickerless one seems to have a stronger inner magnets. I'm not sure if it is just placebo or because the stickerless one is new and they have different setups.

GAN460 magnets comparison.jpg