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[Unofficial] [Demonstration]Pen Spinning X Cube Solving (One Handed Solve)


Feb 2, 2010
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Hello everyone! I'm HobbyLogics from UPSB or Universal Pen Spinning Board. Yes, there is currently a community behind twirling pens between your fingers. I haven't visited this site in AGES and my speedsolving skills have dwindled as I focused more on pen spinning.

This is a demonstration that doing both could be possible, but my multitasking skills made it so that my spinning stopped in certain areas as I was thinking.

Also, my cubing skills aren't that great either, taking two minutes just to solve a cube with one hand? Not very good by today's standards. I was trying to concentrate on spinning as well, and ended up going slower than usual.

Mostly though, this is a video to try to raise awareness for this hobby, there's a lot more behind pen spinning than you think, probably over 100 tricks at this point in the world, and a crazy amount of different ways to link tricks together.

If you are interested to see what UPSB has done, take a look at these videos:

If you are interested in this hobby, then head on over to http://forum.upsb.info/, we're about to move to v5 of our forum, but there's no reason we can't have a few more members. :)

If you're interested in my spinning in particular, well, I have a youtube channel almost completely dedicated to this hobby: http://www.youtube.com/HobbyLogics (I have a few old cubing videos a loooooong time ago)

I remember being awkward as hell earlier when I was active on this site but maybe not posting as much, take a quick check on my profile of my posts and you'll understand. >.>

My bad for posting here, I was going to go to other cubing videos, but I apparently clicked it wrong. Mods, feel free to move this thread, thank you. :p
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