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Delayed blind solve Rankings

Samuel Baird

Apr 22, 2020
Saratoga Springs, Utah
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I haven't been able to find a place where rankings for delayed blind solves are kept so I figured I would make one here :)

The way that I'm ranking these is similar to mbld but instead of points, we are using delayf time, and instead of time we are using the total time to memorize and execute the cube. So whoever has the greatest delay time is first and for tie breakers fo those who have the same delay time will be total memorization and execution time.

Successful attempts
#NameDelay TimeMemo/Exec timeLinksCountry
1Sydney Weaver1 year8:51.46 (7:23.00/1:28.46)Part 1 | Part 2United States
2Andrew Nathenson1 year9:49.80 (8:11.35/1:38.67)Part 1 | Part 2United States
3Mike Hughey1 week2:45.33(1:10.55/1:44.78)DiscussionUnited States
4Derrick Eide1 week3:00.53 (1:59.99/1:00.54)DiscussionCanada

Attempts in progress
NamePlanned delay timeMemo timeStart DateLinksCountry
Tom Nelson10 years6:27.97Jan 18, 2015Part 1New Zealand
Nate Hoffmaster15 years12:32.99Aug 27, 2017Part 1United States
Brendan Bakker2 yearsUnknown~Jan 15, 2019United States
Samuel Baird2 years1:06.65Jan 20, 2019Part 1United States
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