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Dan 3.0 - Breaking a WR - Rubik's Cubes? Most Cubes solve while pogosticking?

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Jan 31, 2010
Hey Guys.
I was surfing the South Pole of the Moon and Revision 3's site, and ever since Dan Brown (pogobat on youtube) asked to break a world record, there are tons of rubik's cubes requests.
However, being a large amount of noobs there, they have proposed to break the world record solve of 7.08, break the world record for fastest beginners method, etc.
But there was one pretty interesting proposal, that Dan should solve the most rubik's cubes while pogosticking. This HAS POTENTIAL. I wanted to see how many people can actually solve a rubik's cube on a pogostick and how many they can do, because we aren't just going to give him a world record that easily!
So train, guys, train, and let's destroy every attempt at anything Rubiks cube related and beat him! xD
Not open for further replies.

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