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3x3 Cyclone Boys 3x3

Oct 15, 2018
Cyclone Boys cubes really are a bit different than the rest, aren't they? Very glossy, smooth plastic. I find them very easy to flick, and impressively controllable when flicked (they just want to flick in quarter-rotation multiples, don't they?), while possessed of a clacky, solid turn feel when turned more deliberately. You either love the smooth glossy surfaces or you hate them -- I imagine that folks with sweatier palms may find them a liability, though I've never had a problem, myself. Tightened up a little from the factory, they're impressively stable for such an easy-turning cube, too. At my optimum stability point, I don't get the greatest corner cuts (30 degrees tops), but that's a very small price to pay for the added stability that tightening it a bit achieved, in my opinion. (My Cyclone Boys 2x2 has amazing corner cutting. Again, this may be a matter of setup, I tune for stability first.)

I own a 2x2 and a 3x3 from them, and really like both of them. I'm looking forward to trying out their new magnetic 3x3, the Shaolin Popey, and seeing what I think of it.

There are some people who will hate the glossy slick plastic, I suppose, but I rather love it, myself. As you mention, SegTendoPPCC42, it's a surprisingly high-quality offering for a budget cube, and the turning is delightfully clean, slick and controllable. I'm happy to see these cubes getting more attention lately; they rarely turn up in the budget cube shootouts, and frankly, they should!

They're not for everyone, they're genuinely different from most other budget cubes, and I think they have a really unique and underrated smoothness that deserves more attention and more respect than they receive.