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Curvy Copter OLL and PLL Algorithms

Dec 21, 2011
Massachusetts, USA
Thread starter #1
I recently got the Curvy Copter puzzle, and it has been great. I figured out my own solution, and I ended up discovering algorithms for all of the OLL and PLL cases. I've tried searching for them, but haven't found any, so I'm posting them here.

Notation: Since the last layer algorithms deal with only the upper face, every turn can be represented by one letter (F would be turning the UF face 180 degrees, etc). Also, I am using M = LR and S = FB. A shorter notation specifically for PLL is in the PLL spoiler.

So, here are the actual algorithms:

Antisune.png Antisune: (R B L)2 B L B L B M B M (mirror of sune)
Asymmetrical_Cross.png Asymmetrical Cross: (B M F M)2 (M B M F)2 (headlights and chameleon's mirror

Bowtie.png Bowtie: (F B B M)2 (S R S L)2 (note: there are move cancellations, but it's written like this to make it easier to understand and remember) (chameleon applied at 2 different angles)

Chameleon.png Chameleon: (F M B M)2 (inverse of headlights)

Headlights.png Headlights: (M B M F)2 (inverse of chameleon)

Sune.png Sune: (L B R)2 B R B R B M B M (mirror of antisune)

Symmetrical_Cross.png Symmetrical Cross: (M F M B)2 (M B M F)2 (headlights and its mirror)

A few notes on how to memorize: these algorithms are really simple. They are just a slice turn followed by a regular turn and then that slice turn again. You can think of this algorithm as "flipping" sides - to flip a side, just do the slice turn perpendicular to that side, turn the side, and repeat the slice turn. Algorithms will be given in normal notation and flip notation (in lowercase letters).

Aa_Perm.png Aa Perm: (M B M) (S L S) (M B M) (S L S) or b l b l

Ab_Perm.png Ab Perm: (M B M) (S R S) (M R M) (S R S) or b r b r

For the A perms, just hold the side that is all one color except for one corner of the opposite color on the back. Then, locate the side that is all solved except for one corner (which isn't the opposite color). Then, just flip back, the adjacent corner side, back, and the adjacent corner side again.

E_Perm.png E Perm: (M B F M) (S R S) (M B F M) (S R S) or b f r b f r

X_Perm.png X Perm: (M B M) (S R S) (M F B M) (S R S) (M F M) or b r f b r f

Please let me know if there are better algs somewhere, or if there's a way to make better images.
Jan 10, 2013
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Thanks, that's quite useful.

Bowtie: (F B B M)2 (S R S L)2
A typo here. Should be:
(F M B M)2 (S R S L)2
The "B B" confused me for a while but then follows the phrase about possible move cancellations so I thought "B B" is that cancellation you mean, lol.

Aa Perm: (M B M) (S L S) (M B M) (S L S) or b l b l
The picture shows wrong cycle direction...
Last edited:
Jan 14, 2017
These are great! Thank you for posting them!
Found a typo in your Ab Perm though:
Ab Perm: (M B M) (S R S) (M R M) (S R S)
It should be: Ab Perm: (M B M) (S R S) (M B M) (S R S)