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Curvy copter 1-look L4C algorithms

Wish Lin

Jun 18, 2019
Taipei, Taiwan
For more information about Curvy copter L4C algs, please check my last thread about 2- look L4C here.

In my last thread, We talked about 2- look L4C algorithms, but a lot of posts has shown that for Curvy copter, the best solution for L4C should be one-looked(like COLL on 3x3), so time can be saved for the more intuitive-based steps prior to L4C.

Thanks to @whatshisbucket ‘s program, I can make and organize Curvy copter algs that are move optimal.

The steps you should take to learn full L4C are:

Beginner L4C(2-look) -> MO 2-look L4C -> Full L4C(1-look)

As for now, @superphluous has a website of these Full L4C algs but with a lot of repeats. This is where we should start.

This will be updated when the all algs are found and oragized
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