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CubingUSA Northeast Championship 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts


Sep 4, 2017
Massachusetts, USA
We are happy to announce that CubingUSA Northeast Championship 2020 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts! The competition will be taking place at Boston University over May 22-24, featuring all 18 (or 17 :( ) WCA events! We hope to have a website up within the next couple of weeks with a schedule and all of the details.

We also are considering doing a States Slam Saturday night, similar to Nations Cup or Regions Relay. Stay tuned for more information!

James Quinn on behalf of the organizational team (Myself, Alexander Cohen, Jesse Mailloux, and Jonas Rajagopal)

Link: (Will be added when the competition is posted to the WCA)

NOTE: This competition has not yet been posted to the WCA website. While we are 99% sure the competition will happen on these dates in this location, please do not make monetary travel arraignments until the competition has been posted to the WCA website.

Shaun Mack

Nov 12, 2019
will there be more than 1 team per state for the state slam? if so i might be able to make team NJ 2 :)