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CubeZZ VS ZiiCube

CubeZZ VS ZiiCube

  • CubeZZ

  • ZiiCube

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Apr 3, 2020
I'll be posting a video soon describing Chinese shops. Basically cubezz for small orders and ziicube for bulk orders due to shipping.
Got it! Can you message me when you post that?


Feb 6, 2017
Spokane, WA (USA)
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My experience:

1) Cubezz has cheaper prices for smaller orders. However, they also switch you to expensive shipping when checking out so you have to manually switch it back to free shipping. Shady as heck. Their free shipping can take a really long time. If there's a problem with your order, they will try to screw you. They have more items available than what's on their site - you can ask for their "big cube list" - but ordering from that is hit & miss since there won't be a full record of it through Paypal, thus tough to request a refund if they screw you. Cubezz has unusual puzzles no one else has, so that's a plus. My take: they're OK to order from if you're not in a hurry or they're the only ones who have what you want.

2) ZiiCube - Shipping costs more but is a lot faster. Shipping becomes very reasonable if you're ordering in bulk. Not as big a selection as Cubezz. I've never had an issue so can't comment on their service if there's ever a problem. My take: an excellent choice if the $$$$ makes sense for what you're ordering.

At the end of the day, it's unusual for me to order from either one much anymore. Cubezz doesn't have enough of a price advantage over the Cubicle (when using a discount code) to offset their slow shipping times and poor service. ZiiCube is the same issue - not enough of a savings to justify the wait or hassle. Of the two, ZiiCube is more reliable.