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Cube the Love.

Your Mother

Nov 24, 2010
Your Mother's House.
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Cubing. Life. What is Speedcubing, and what is Life? 3x3 solve, you see headlights, R U R' U' (R U' R' U2)x2 R U R'. Snapping into life, you see headlights, run, pedal-to-the-metal, your life, your preference. Warped back to cubing, don't recognize J-Perm fast enough, lose competition. Flash back to life, don't recognize fast enough that your child is being associated with drugs, kid goes to party, dies from overdose of drugs. Split out a few bucks for some Lubix and a speedcube, gain attention from cubing publicity. Back in life, invest in a few shares of a company doing well, become the pride of the neighborhood with your nice fancy house. Cubing is Life. Life is Cubing. Love the Cube. Cube the Love.