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Cube Lot Worth over 300$ SOLD

Tyler Fresh

Sep 4, 2017
Shipping is not included
All of it for 115$ shipping included
From left to right.
Yuxin red 6x6 w/ yuxin 5x5 springs- 12$ used
Qiyi Wuhua v1- 15$ barely used
QJ? Megaminx tiled- 5$ used
Yuxin 5x5 w/ yuxin 6x6 springs- 8$ used
Yuxin cloud 5x5- 4$ barely used
Qiyi Wushuang 5x5- 12$ barely used
Moyu Aosu 4x4 w/ weisu soft springs plus lubed with "chris olson's" method- 15$ used
Cubicle Labs Wuque M- 25$ used
Yuxin Lion?- 2$ barely used
YJ Guansu- 4$ barely used
MF4- 4$ barely used
Guoguan yuexiao- 6$ heavily used
Cosmic Valk 3 Non-magnetic- 20$ used
Mf3rs v1- 2$
Rubiks brand 3x3, missing 2 stickers,- 4$ heavily used
Moyu Aolong v2- 5$ used
8$ S&H
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