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Cube For A Cure Spring 2016 - South Orange, NJ


Jan 26, 2011
College Park, MD
Visit Channel
Me and Benji Cooper are organizing Cube For A Cure 2016 at Oheb Shalom Synagogue in South Orange, NJ.
The date will be Sunday, May 29, 2016.

Here is the website: https://www.cubingusa.com/CubeforaCureSpring2016/index.php

All proceeds from the competition will support the Charlie's Angels ALS Fund.

Please note that there is a 100 competitor limit, which will fill up very quickly, so be sure to register and pay early! (We are planning on opening registration around March 25).

Also, because the venue is a synagogue which follows Jewish dietary laws, absolutely no outside food will be allowed into the venue. We appreciate your cooperation on this.