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CubableYT's progression thread


Aug 10, 2021
home sweet home trying to achieve sub 15!
Gonna register for my first comp, western championships! Definitely gonna be competing in 3x3 and 2x2, possible Square 1 and Pyra if I have time to practice. I can only go on the first day, so even if I did make 2nd round I could not attend.
Same thing happened to me. Making in second round if pretty easy. But then again I don't know the size of your comp.


Aug 30, 2020
I like this alg:
(r U R' U) (R' F R F') (R U' R' U R U2' r')

U AUF for the recognition angle most people use

The COLL I use is:
R' (F' U' F U') R U (S' R' U R S)

The CMLL alg it is derived from:
R' (F' U' F U') R U (R' U R)

Although I prefer my alg, Eamon's OO COLL is just the one I use from the back angle:
(U2) (S' R U R' S) U (R U' B U' B' R')
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