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csTimer and Moyu


Jun 19, 2020
Hi all

Hoping somebody might be able to advise on the below.

I have just bought a Moyu timer and connected it to my PC.
The time seems to work ok stand alone but I am having issues when its used with csTimer.

CStimer seems to start showing the time counting a few seconds later after the Moyu starts. Then when I stop the time on the MoYu the csTimer continues for a while. It then stops counting and adds the time then all of a sudden it counts again and adds another time and this repeats over and over until I turn the Moyu off. As an example Moyu shows 16.084 at the moment and its stopped. cs now has 14 new times. 1st one 1.97 then one of 10.99 then a few of 11.04 then 10.08 for a few then 11.04 for another few. Then I turned the Moyu off to stop more times being added.

Any idea on what might be going on?