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Corner Swap's Progression Thread

Which should I learn next?

  • A better Pyraminx method

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  • Megaminx 2-look PLL

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  • CLL

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  • Practice Yau

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  • Total voters

Corner Swap

May 15, 2022
United States
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Welcome to my progression thread! Currently I average around 40 on 3x3, 10 on 2x2, 3:45 on 4x4, 30 on Pyraminx, and 7:00 on Mega. My PBS are 30.074 on 3x3, 3.28 on 2x2, 3:28 on 4x4, 12 on pyra, and 6:19 on Mega. I use beginner-advanced cross and f2l on 3x3, beginner oll but I know some 1-look olls, almost full pll, just g perms to learn. On 2x2 I use plain Ortega. On 4x4 I use inefficient Yau. On pyra I use the beginners method with some of my own algs. On megaminx I do j perms beginner method but with my own last layer method.
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