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Competition Goals and Mains


Jun 14, 2019
This is the first thread I have made. This will be a place where cubers can say their goals for an upcoming competition as well as their mains for each event.

My second ever competition is coming up next week: Pikes Peak 2019. Here are my mains and goals.

2x2: Sub-6 single and sub-7 average.
3x3: Sub-20 single and sub-25 average
4x4: Any single below the cutoff and sub-1:30.00 average
5x5: Any single or Bo2 under the time limit
6x6: Any single or Bo1 under the time limit
OH: Sub-35 single and sub-45 average
Skewb: Sub-7 single and sub-10 average
Square-1: Sub-30 single and sub-40 average

2x2: Mofang MF2S
3x3: Gan 356 X (yellow magnet capsule and blue springs)
4x4: Mofang MF4S
5x5: Mofang MF5S
6x6: Cyclone Boys 6x6
OH: Gan 356 X (grey magnet capsule and blue springs)
Skewb: Xman Wingy Skewb (magnetized)
Square-1: Xman Volt


Jun 14, 2019
My goals for my next comp are
2x2x2: Sub 7 single, sub 9 average
3x3x3: Sub 25 single, sub 30 average
4x4x4: Sub 2:30 (I suck)
Skewb: Sub 10 single, sub 15 average
It doesn't matter if you are good or bad. It just matters that you accomplish your goals so you are happy.


Oct 30, 2018
Next comp coming weekend:
3x3: finally get a bloody sub-11 single and if possible a sub-13 avg (should have 3 rounds)
2x2: only use CLL and get a sub-4 avg (official pb is 3.61)
4x4: another sub-50 single and sub-55 avg
5x5: get something less trash than my last competition
6x6: make 3:30 cut-off (would be official pb single)
OH: another sub-23 avg and pb single wanna get a sub-18
mega: might practice this the coming days, might not, don't really care
pyra: sub 7.5 avg
skewb: sub-9 avg and sub-6 single
sq-1: Really really don't care might do an ao12 this week to re-learn some algs
3-bld: learning 3-style corners atm so I'm probably not going to get a good result as I'm not really pushing memo atm
4bld: success preferably sub-15 (mo3 seems a bit too difficult though)
multi: 9/9 sub-55 I'll also settle for 8/9 anything less I'm going to cry.


Sep 28, 2017
Next comp is British Summer Open in a little under 2 weeks, listing goals now as I'll probably forget by then. Originally was down to do all events, but withdrew from almost half as I'm staffing and need the availability. Out of practice for many events, not setting the bar too high.

3x3: PR single (near enough sub-11), sub-13 average.
4x4/5x5: Don't embarrass myself. Low-50s/low 1:40s respectively.
3BLD: Only event I'm really practising right now. PR single, hopefully sub-1:00. PR mean would also be great but with only 1 round I'm prioritising single.
Clock: Really out of practice, and my clock's broken again. Hopefully keep my current sub-8 streak alive, and maybe podium. PRs are probably out of the question.
Skewb: Sub-5.4 average/unnemesize myself from Daniel Sheppard - my last UK nemesis. Sub-5 would be amazing, and I'm overdue for a PR/sub-3 single too.
SQ-1: Sub-20 average.
4BLD: Sub-10:00 success, maybe go for a mean but I'm really not expecting that to happen.
5BLD: Go big or go home. Either PB or DNF.
MBLD: Probably going to attempt 11 again. Hopefully get at least 10 to meet the 9 point UKC qualification.

Final goal is to have fun, see people again for the first time since Easter, and do well as staff.
Jun 2, 2017
Literally nowhere
Goals for US Nats:
2x2: IDC
3x3: PB average (preferably sub-10)
4x4: PB single and average, hopefully sub-40
5x5: PB single and average, hopefully sub-1:20
3x3 OH: PB single and average, try to get sub-28 average.
Skewb: PB average
Pyra; Get good scrambles so I dont fail
Squan: Finally get a PB average, it has been forever

These are ambitious goals, but hey, it never hurt anyone, right?