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Colourblind tactics


Jun 24, 2018
HI all,

I'm Red-Green Colourblind, I've been solving 3x3 for a while with not too much of an issue, although in certain lighting situations I struggle distinguishing sides apart. I've just moved onto a 4x4 which for some reason it's impossible for me to see the difference between certain colours. Mainly orange and green.

It's an official rubix one with plastic panels, so any permanent marker I put on it ends up just rubbing off regardless of how much I cover, which as i'm not very good at the 4x4 yet it can rub off during a solve.

Could anyone suggest a way around this? Maybe a good type of sticker that won't be too irritating whilst solving?


Thom S.

Sep 26, 2017
Rubik's, not Rubix

Certain puzzle shops, like SpeedCubeShop and TheCubicle offer many shades of stickers so you can just buy colors and shades you can pick apart easily. If you want to take the time, you could buy some Vinyl-Sticker Sheets and cut them yourself.

As for your 4x4. Just get a Speedcube and sticker it yourself. There is no point in using a cube you have trouble recognising colors