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Clock and Other Things (Progression Thread)


Jul 13, 2022
United States
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Of course! Firstly, make sure you have a good clock—the Qiyi is by far the best and will allow for the best times. Learn to use your thumbs on the bottom dials if you haven’t already. This is something which takes getting used to, but it will help you a LOT in the end. Practice getting used to certain movements—see what it feels like to do +6 or -1. This will help you perform them faster while solving!

Good luck reaching sub-10! It’s a big milestone, though it will start getting trickier to get faster past that point. With lots of practice you can do it!
Thank you so much!
Dec 6, 2014
Time to set some goals for this next comp. These are very subject to change, but represent more reasonable ideal scenarios. I’ll list my goal time, then my larger goal/I will be extremely happy if I get this time. Historically, nerves have gotten to me pretty bad at comps. I’m mostly worried about clock, since that doesn’t go too well under pressure for me. But by then, I’m hoping that my times decrease a bit more overall!

2x2: Sub-5; Sub-4

3x3: Sub-21; Sub-20

Pyraminx: Sub-4.75; Sub-4

Skewb: Sub-6.5; Sub-5.75

Clock: Sub-6.3; Sub-6 (With a Sub-5 single??)