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[Help Thread] CFOP progression thread. (ROAD TO SUB 15!) any tips?

Jan 12, 2021
Currently sub 18 and on good days sub 17, any tips for sub 15? how to look ahead first pair?
My age is 12, :) ad my main is the gan 11 m pro, living in singapore where there is 2 comps an year.
pb; 10.82


May 7, 2020
Good luck on your road to sub-15! The things you could do to get there would be (from personal experience):

1. Do timed solves to get things into your muscle memory. Also do slow solves or chill turning solves to improve look ahead.

2. Learn full OLL and PLL if you haven't already also, replace algs if they are bad and learn good fingertricks.

3. Try becoming colour neutral since it will give you the chance to start on a better colour plus it will make it easier for you to predict first pair later on. There are 2 ways I mainly see for someone to approach this and they are to practice 1 colour at the time or practicing multiple colours at a time. Try practicing with these 2 and see which one works best for you.

4. Practice only certain parts of your solves whether it's F2L, the cross or last layer.

5. Record yourself doing solves to identify your flaws and bad habits and you could get rid of those by doing slow solves since you'll be more conscious of what you're doing.

Extra: don't spam tps when solving since it will make it harder to look ahead and you could learn how to predict first pair during inspection, but it isn't necessary. You could also search more information on Youtube because there's probably more things.