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[Canadian NR] Kian Mansour - 6.86 3x3 average


Feb 14, 2016
Kian is pretty famous in the community of 'renegade method cubers'.

This is a great victory for him, for all Roux users, and for non-CFOP methods. It also shows that some unknown guy with a youtube channel who has essentially never been to any competitions can show up and beat the 1,000 best cubers in the world.

Interestingly, if you look at the other results, in fact Keaton Ellis had/has the best chance of beating Kian at least based on round 1. Keaton had three solves in the 6.30 range and two screw ups (9-10 seconds).

Congrats to Kian Mansour and I hope he wins the finals!

I would also add how appropriate it is for this historic moment (for the Roux method) to happen in France, where the method originates from, and to have Gilles Roux himself competing in the same competition (he got a 15.34 Ao5 in Round 1).

Hopefully Kian gets to meet Roux, and they can congratulate each other on their accomplishment.
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Oct 19, 2014
Ottawa, Canada
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Thanks for all the kind messages guys! I'm very happy with the average, and will be uploading it tomorrow morning. I messed up basically everything on Sunday (except 2x2 for some reason), but I don't really mind because I did so well on saturday. Worlds was an excellent experience, and I had the chance to meet so many cool people and got to compete on a bigger stage. I can't wait to go compete again at smaller local comps, and then will most likely attend world championships 2019 (maybe nats/euros 2018 too).