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Can you follow other cubers solves?


Oct 10, 2022
If you are judging or watch a frieds solve, can you see what they are doing?

For cubers at around my speed, I can see the solving method (if it's LBL, CFOP or Roux) and cross color, sometimes OLL if they don't start it to fast and PLL if its an easy to recognize like H-Perm but no chance on cross solution or the F2L pairs or to recognize the exact alg someone is using.
For faster solver I don't see much more than CFOP and cross color.
I think live it is easier than in Youtube Videos but still hard enough. There I sometimes even have problems on x 0.25 Speed.

I was very fascinated by this video where Tymon does some solve reviews for the cubicle guys and Patrick Ponce.
Especially the part with Patrick is quite fascinating. Patrick does some 5-8 second solves and Tymon can not even see what Patrick does, he even recognizes better OLL, missed ZBLL Cases and better cross solutions at realtime.
Also the interaction between those two pro cubers is quite fascinating.