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can anyone suggest improvements to my solution guide?

May 27, 2015
Step 1 is utterly pointless, it should be removed immediately. The implication that the cube is not worthy of being solved if it's not a speedcube that can cut 45 degrees is incredibly funny.

The font sizes for step 1 and 2 are completely inconsistent with the rest of the guide.

The section headers look odd. I think for example, "Step 3: Solve the Cross" would be much better than what you have.

Maybe offer some explanation for cube notation?

The explanation for cross is not helpful for a beginner at all. You don't even explain what an edge is! Also, solving them in the wrong place just makes it harder, especially because you don't ever explain how to put the edges in the right place after they're all on the right face.

You never explain what to do if the corner is stuck in another corner spot. You need to explain all possibilities. Also, the grammar for 4.2.1 needs fixing.

I have an APUSH test tomorrow so I'm gonna stop. I don't think that this guide would be very helpful to a beginner in its current form. Sorry if I seem overly critical, I just want to make sure that resources are good for beginners. Good luck on improving it!