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Buying at Flag City Fall 2018

Riley M

Feb 12, 2017
Noblesville, Indiana
I will be attending Flag City Fall 2018 on October 20-21. I would like to buy puzzles there, however seeing as there is no official vendor, I'm turning to the forums. I'm looking to see if anyone can give me an offer for the following:

Decent Square-1 (Preferably an XMD Volt)
Magnetic 4x4 (Flagship like Wuque M, Aosu GTS2M, etc.)
Decent Megaminx (XMD Galaxy would be best, but any good megaminx will do)
Lingao or Rubik's Clock

If anyone will be at this comp and would like to sell any of these puzzles, please PM me for price negotiations. On the off chance you are looking for a puzzle, it's unlikely I will have it, but if I do we can set up a trade

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