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[Unofficial] Breakdown of Leo Borromeo 2.78 sec Unofficial Solve Reconstruction by Ft. Rocket Cuber

Who will hold the 3x3 single world record in future?

  • Feliks Zemdegs

  • Yusheng du

  • Leo Borromeo

  • Max Park

  • Tymon

  • Matty Hiroshi inaba

  • Others

Results are only viewable after voting.
Oct 12, 2020
Red Nexus prison
You should just say who do you think will hold, or break the next World Record for example I have no idea who will hold it in or 2 years but I think that Max Park will be the next WR holder. Maybe somebody breaks his record one month later. Both of those are in the future and both of those could take place 1-2 ears from now.

edit: if you are going to keep it as "Who will hold 3x3 single world record in future" you should at least add multiple choices because some of those cubers will probably also hold the world record and all of them will be in the future.