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Blackberry "Speed Cubing" Group


Jan 10, 2009
Kingdom Of Bahrain
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Hello all...
I would like to invite you all to the Speed cubing group on Blackberry device.

All blackberry users can join the group and all are most welcome :), no need to have your PINs to get invited, just scan this bar code image with your devices and you will be in.

Bar code:

If you don't know how to scan the bar code, follow these steps:
1- in your blackberry device, go to the Blackberry messenger application (useually located in the "Instant Messaging" folder.
2-find the "Blackberry Groups" tab, then expand it.
3- click on "Scan a Group Barcode".
4- a screen will show up, that will tell you how would you scan, normally just click continue.
5- the camera will turn on, face your device on your PC/Laptop screen to capture the barcode, no need to click any button, the device will automatically capture the barcode and add you to the group.

Note: Some might get a little disturbed because of the notifications (Chats, for example)
If you like to disable the group notifications, in the group, click on the Menu button,
then select "Group Details", scroll down to the "Group Options" Category,
and on "Turn Off All Notifications For This Group" Select "Yes".

Group Features:
1- We can all chat together in the general discussion chat window.
2- All members will be able to see other members in the group.
3- We can share pictures, and discuss them (as comments), all members can share pictures in the group.
4- We can have lists, each list have items that can be assigned to anyone (just in case of team work).
5- There will be a shared calendar for the group, so members can share competition dates, cubers meeting dates, and other things.
6- We can have a separate chat window to discuss a specific thing (like a specific event or a new puzzle).

I hope all of you can join the group :) Thanks
sorry for taking so long

waiting for you all to join...