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Thom S.

Sep 26, 2017
What is all this talk about triple parity on 6x6? For my last 2 edges if I get edge parity I make sure the parity edge is yellow (LL colour) and see which edges need to be oriented/ misoriented in order to get an even orientation. If I recognise I have outer edges misoriented I do the normal edge parity but if I have inner I do an inner slice move variant that directly fixes parity. In other words, I force myself out of full oll parity when I see that I have edge parity. So why isn’t this done more especially for Yau users?
I don't understand it either.
This is something I found out myself after like 10 or 15 solves.

Personally I think triple parity is just a construct to use in order to talk 6x6, 8x8 and the like as a bad puzzle.