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Best and most optimal f2l

Dec 26, 2016
So I'm averaging around 18s now using CFOP. i had a GAN i play for a short time (broke after a week ) and saw that I was averaging around 90 moves per solve. This alarmed me and shows that my F2L is very inefficient.
I'm sure if I reduce this I can get my times to sub 15. What's the best thing for me to do now to undo my 'inadequate' muscle memory?
Best resource for me to start again with the F2L please?

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Oct 27, 2019
An uncolonized sector of the planet Mars
Best thing to do is slow solves. Try doing untimed solves and really thinking about F2L. I can usually get F2L done in around 30 moves, and I've only learned a few algs for difficult cases. Watch J Perm's video on advanced F2L, and basically try just messing around. If an edge/corner is already in a slot, try to take it out so it's ready for an insert. If they're both in the U layer, you can always directly pair them up. Also, this isn't for F2L, but if you don't know full 2lll now would be a good time to learn it(this is just a tip for getting fast in general at your speed). In short, just do slow solves to mess around with your F2L and try to find efficient ways to pair up each case. If you do a case very inefficiently and can't figure out a good way to do it, ask in the "Request an Alg" thread for the best algs for that case