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Beginner at 5x5x5


Nov 13, 2006
Currently I'm stuck with some pretty crappy algs for doin the edge pairing in the last stage before the 3x3x3 part. I wish i had something faster/more betterer..er... But somehow I suck at scouring the net for 5x5x5 algs. Anyone got some off the top of their head. Normally I'm not bad a searching this stuff out, but this weeks hasn't worked for me.
So what is it guys, what are your favorite 5x5x5 sites?


Jun 15, 2006
You don't need algs for centers, though knowing one or two for the last two centers can't hurt. For the first 8 edges, I find the alg to flip an edge useful (R F' U R' F flips edge at FR). For the last four edges, one or two algs is enough for a beginner, and then you should gradually add on all of the algs listed on bigcubes.com for that stage.