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Atlantic Open 2014

Jun 3, 2011
Atlantic Canada
This will mark the THIRD official competition in Atlantic Canada and the very FIRST one in the Greater Moncton area! I'm super excited to announce this and I hope you will be able to join us!

Website: http://www.canadiancubing.com/Event/AO2014
Registration: http://www.canadiancubing.com/Event/AO2014/Registration

Date: Saturday, May 3, 2014
Address: 76 Emmanuel Street, Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada
Venue: Boys and Girls Club of Dieppe (In the gymnasium)
Organizers: canadianCUBING, Micah Stairs ([email protected])
Delegate: Micah Stairs
  • 2x2x2
  • 3x3x3
  • 3x3x3 One Handed
  • 4x4x4
  • 5x5x5
  • Pyaminx
  • Megaminx
  • 3x3x3 Blindfolded
  • Skewb

Food: All competitors who register online will be given a few complementary homemade chocolate chip cookies and a drink (most likely a bottle of water) for lunch. Hotdogs will be available for lunch for free from the organization team. In addition, there will be a small canteen open selling things such as pop, juice, bars, candy, popcorn, and gum. There are also several fast-food options within a 5-minute driving distance.

Extra information: Parking is free. The top three placements will be recognized for their achievements, including certificates, and puzzles for first place. Registration begins at 9am and the first event will be at 9:30am (costs are on the website).

Website: http://www.canadiancubing.com/Event/AO2014
Registration: http://www.canadiancubing.com/Event/AO2014/Registration

I look forward to seeing you there! Let me know if you have any further questions.
Micah Stairs
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