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Anybody have the Tao Cube Lite M?


Dec 19, 2019
Alright guy's I finally had some time on the cube and I'm ready to write a review.

It's an okay cube, don't set your expectations too high for it. It's really hard to find the right tensions, it's locky unless you keep it tight, then when you do it hurts corner cutting. I don't see it being anyones main. It has a unique feel, I wouldn't say cheap per say. On a 1-10 scale I'd give it a 5.

It is okay for collectors of cubes, but for speed cubing. I'd get something else in the price range. Such as the MGC Elite.

I somewhat collect cubes so I bought it for the uniqueness of it. It's cool. But too cool for speed cubing school. Lol

Any question's? Just Get the MGC Elite or Wait for the new Tengyun V2 M. Pretty excited for it and just 8 more buckaroos.