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Announcing LetsCube! A real-time racing website


Apr 21, 2014

I've been working on this real time multiplayer timer much like TwistTheWeb and cubingtime. I've noticed fundamental problems with both of these, namely with TTW that it doesn't exist anymore. Because of this, I've developed my own website following lots of best practices.
Most importantly, this supports mobile! Although it's tough to cram all the stuff in the small space, the timer (should) work super well on mobile.

Here's the link:
This website should work very well. I'm actively developing it so as good as it is now, it'll get better

You can keep up with it's development and suggest new features in it's discord.

You just log in through the WCA website. If you don't yet have a WCA account, it doesn't take long to create one. **You do not need to have competed to make a WCA account**
This saves your timer preferences and username. You can opt in/out of showing your WCA information.

It currently:

- Supports mobile
- Times you and supports penalties
- Has chat
- Has all WCA puzzles (more to come)
- Visualizes 3x3 scrambles (more to come in the long run)
- Has various stats (more to come)
- Lets you view past scrambles (click the green numbers on the left side of the room)
- Lets you go AFK
- Time with keyboard and manual entry (speedstacks timer will come)
- You can download it natively to your phone or computer

I plan to possibly add more stuff depending on feedback:

- PB tracking
- View profile w/ PBs
- comparing results to comp results

I thank you for reading all this and hopefully you'll log in and try it out. Please do! If there's anything missing for you, there's a chance I might put it on my todo list and add it if you suggest it.

Once again: https://www.letscube.net


Nov 29, 2020
How do you connect the stackmat timer to the laptop? I could connect it to cstimer web but not to letscube.net