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Am I weird for learnong 3x3 from this?


Jan 13, 2021
At Home, grinding 3x3
Honestly, I don't think it really matters where you learned to solve a 3x3. If it teaches you to solve it, then it's probably a good video. People learn in different ways so different videos may help. I personally learned from a video that I don't remember the title of, but I know it had less than a couple of thousand views, but it helped me. You were able to solve a 3x3 and that's all that matters.


Apr 1, 2021
I learned from like 6 different sources. I'd get stuck on a step, and then look for other sources that made that step better for me. I started with the rubiks site, and I found some of it technically right, but still confusing to a beginner. Like instead of an M move, they had the cube rotated weird, so you ended up doing a F, and a B instead of the M. Which made the alg very long and confusing.

So yeah, use whatever you find helps you. Everyone has a different way of learning, and remembering.