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All 21 FP Method Pyraminx Algorithms (finally!)


May 27, 2018
United States
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I've looked around and there are not many resources on this.
These algorithms are for the FP method, where you make one side, similar to Ortega 2x2, then solve the rest.
When you are doing step 1, you only focus on one color, that's it.
Step 2 can be recognized by just the top part (3 edges) as its easy to see your bottom permutation in inspection, again, similar to Ortega 2x2.

Since there are only 21 algorithms, I will put them all on one post-
Do inverse of algorithm to see the angle to perform them.
-I will edit this post to replace any bad algs with better ones!

Solved Bottom: (1/6)
Two Flip: R U' R' U R' L R L'
3-Clockwise: R U' R' U' R U' R'
3-AntiClock: L' U L U L' U L
Strange-Right: L U R U' R' L'
Strange-Left: R' L R L' U' L' U L

Adjacent Bottom (solved on L): (3/6)
Swap w/ Headlights: (y') L R L R' y' L R L'
Swap no Headlights: L' U R' U R L
Headlights-Match Right: R B L’ U L U B’ R’
Headlights-Match Left: R B U’ L’ U’ L B’ R’

Clockwise Bottom: (1/6)
Solved Top: R L' R' L' y' L' R' L
Two Flip: Rw' U' Rw* U R' B U R (*=L' B' L)
3-Clockwise: L R L' R y R U' L R'
Checkerboard: Rw R l* R' U R l* U L' U (*=cube rotation equivelant to (L Rw'))
Strange-Right: L B R U' B' R L' R
Strange-Left: Rw R U' L R' U B L

Anti-Clockwise Bottom: (1/6)
Solved Top: R L U L U' L R'
Two Flip: L R L' U' y R L' U' R'
Checkerboard: R L' y R U' R' l* L U L (*same as above)
3-AntiClock: R L' U R' y' R' L R' L'
Strange-Right: L' R' B L' R y' L' U' R'
Strange-Left: Rw R' U R L l* U' R' U L

Avg. movecount of algs = 7.6

Example Solves:
~Tips will not be included~

Scr: L' U L B' L' U' R' L'
R L’ y U R L’ U L // Face
U [L' R' B L' R y' L' U' R'] U // Permute

Scr: U L R B R U' R' L R
z l
U' L R // Face
y' [L B R U' B' R L' R] U // Permute

Scr: L U' R B' R' B' R U B
z l
R’ U L U L // Face
U’ [Rw R' U R L l* U' R' U L] // Permute

Scr: L R' U L' B R' U R'
y z
R L’ R’ U R // Face
U’ y’ [L U B R L' U R' B'] U // Permute

Scr: U' B' U' R' B' U' R U
R’ L’ R U’ R’ U R // Face
y' L R L R' y' L R L' U’ // Permute

Avg. moves- 14.8

Edit: -video of this showing how to recognize and execute coming soon!-

There it is! Questions? Ask me! Ok bai!
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