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May 22, 2020
Congrats! Big cubes are a lot of fun...whats next? Getting larger than 9x9 I think you get into the “not so fun to solve on a single sitting” scenario
It wasn't a single sitting anyway, I had a meal after finishing the centres, incidentally using far more than the recommended 'dose' of commutators. ;)


Aug 13, 2020
This Hellhole We Know As The British Isles
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So excited I got my first sub-20 single today!


Also a PB a05 (24.91) and ao12 (26.68), although this single wasn't in those.

Was using my GAN 356 M for most of today's solves, but switched to my RS3 M 2020 before I got my PB single.

Nice! I actually have quite similar PBs to you.


Dec 24, 2015
ao50: 12.016 → 11.963
ao100: 12.332 → 12.137
ao200: 12.494 → 12.364
ao500: 12.6x → 12.613 (I don't track this, but csTimer says I got a PB at some point)

Old PBs were mostly from July or earlier. It's been a while since I got good solves.


Oct 26, 2019
some warm place down south
3.544 2x2 PB Ao12

Scramble: F2 U2 R2 F U R U2 F' R2

x' // Inspection (0,0)
U2 R2 U' R2 // Face (4,4)
U' R U R' U R U2 R' // OLL (8,12)
R U' R F2 R' U R' // PBL (7,19)

19 moves ÷ 3.55 seconds = 5.35 TPS
Scramble: U2 F R' F R' F2 R2 F' U F'

z' y' // Inspection (0,0)
U R' U R' // Face (4,4)
U2 F R U R' U' F' // OLL (7,11)
x2 R U' R F2 R' U R' U // PBL (8,19)

19 moves ÷ 3.38 seconds = 5.62 TPS
Scramble: R2 F R2 F U F R2 U2 F'

z y // Inspection (0,0)
U' R2 // Face (2,2)
U2 R' U' R U' R' U2 R // OLL (8,10)
U x2 R2 U' B2 U2 R2 U' R2 U (9,19)

19 moves ÷ 3.42 seconds = 5.55 TPS
Scramble: F' R F' U R' F U F' R2

x' // Inspection (0,0)
U' R U2 R U' R' // Face (6,6)
R2 U2 R U2 R2 // OLL (5,11)
R2 F2 R2 // PBL (3,14)

14 moves ÷ 3.79 seconds = 3.69 TPS
Scramble: F U F U2 R2 F2 R' U F2 R'

U R' U R U' R' // Layer (6,6)
R2 U2 R U2 R2 // OLL (5,11)
U2 R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R' U' R U R' F' U2 // PBL (16,27)

27 moves ÷ 4.00 seconds = 6.75 TPS
Scramble: F2 R2 U' F' U R2 U2 F U2

y' // Inspection (0,0)
U R' U R' // Face (4,4)
F (R U R' U')2 F' // OLL (10,14)
y' R2 U' B2 U2 R2 U' R2 // PBL (8,22)

22 moves ÷ 4.12 seconds = 5.33 TPS
Scramble: F U2 R2 F R F2 R U2 R

z2 y' // Inspection (0,0)
F R U R' U' F' // OLL (6,6)
z2 R U' R F2 R' U R' U' // PBL (8,14)

14 moves ÷ 3.33 seconds = 4.20 TPS
Scramble: R U' R' F2 R' U2 F R U'

x // Inspection (0,0)
U' R2 U' R' // Face (4,4)
U2 R U R' U R U2 R' // OLL (8,12)
U' y R2 U' B2 U2 R2 U' R2 U // PBL (9,21)

21 moves ÷ 4.74 seconds = 4.43 TPS
Scramble: R' F U R' U F U2 R F'

x' z' // Inspection (0,0)
R U' R' // Layer (3,3)
U R' U' R U' R' U2 R // LL (8,11)

11 moves ÷ 1.69 moves = 6.50 TPS
Scramble: F' R' U F' U R2 F2 U F' U'

x y // Inspection (0,0)
U' R2 U' R2 // Face (4,4)
U R' U' R U' R' U2 R // OLL (8,12)
U' y R2 U' B2 U2 R2 U' R2 // PBL (8,20)

20 moves ÷ 3.70 seconds = 5.40 TPS
Scramble: R' U R U2 R U F2 U F2 U'

z' y2 // Inspection (0,0)
L F R U R' U' R U R' F' // Face + OLL (10,10)
x2 y R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R' U' R U R' F' // PBL (14,24)

24 moves ÷ 3.52 seconds = 6.81 TPS
Scramble: F R U2 R U2 F' R U2 F

x' z' U' R U' L2 U L // Layer (6,6)
U R U R' U' R' F R F' U2 // LL (9,16)

16 moves ÷ 2.58 seconds = 6.20 TPS
Mean moves: 18.83
Mean TPS: 5.49


Mar 18, 2016
Illinois, USA
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PB ao5 and first sub 9 in addition to a 8.67 mo3 which is PB but not my first sub 9 mo3.

avg of 5: 8.93
1. (8.35) L2 F' D2 B' D2 R2 F U2 L2 D2 B2 D' L U2 F' U' L2 U' F R' B
2. 8.41 U' B2 R2 F2 L' F2 U' R F L2 F' D2 B2 R2 U2 B U2 D2 B'
3. 9.24 L F2 R B2 D2 B2 D2 R F2 R2 U2 L U F' L' D2 L2 D R
4. 9.15 U' L D R2 D L2 B2 F2 D2 R2 D' L2 R2 F' D U2 R2 D B' F2
5. (10.52) F2 D B2 U L2 U' B2 L2 U L2 D2 R B F2 D U L F' R2 B2

About 20 minutes later I got an overall 3x3 PB and my 4th sub 7

1. 6.35 U L' F R2 F2 D L2 B2 D U B2 U' R2 B L' R D2 U R' D'