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[Help Thread] About fanxin rounded cube


May 21, 2020
I am a new rubik learner , I've bought a fanxin rounded cube (maybe a mistake for a noob?)

sometimes I manage to solve the cube using normal 3x3x3 methods, but sometimes I reach this unsolvable state:

In this state after I scramble the cube, I manage to solve it.
my cube is brand new and I've never disassembled or take apart the cube.
I cant understand why this happens? is It me? or the cube? please help me.
Jun 21, 2018
Your cube is functioning properly. What you are seeing is barrel cube parity (i think). Problems like this are what make 3x3 shape mods extremely fun but also aggravating at times. You can get cases that are not possible on a regular 3x3!

I believe this video will help you out.

ETA: Now that you know what you’re seeing is a possible case it can be fun to try and figure it out yourself/intuitively. That’s my favorite part about cubing, just racking my brain for hours trying out new puzzles.
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