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A new & easier way to memorize algs!!!


Feb 2, 2022
Buffalo, NY
Hello all my speedcubers!

My name is Vinny and I am newer to the addicting world of speedsolving a rubicks cube, and the funny thing is that I am a 38 year old man. HAHAHAHA. I guess we can develop a love for anything at any point in our lives. But let me discuss something with you all that I have created, and my main thread with my technique will be posted after this. I just wanted to give you all a brief explanation of what I came up with.

How hard is it to memorize algorithms? There are so many, but which ones do you think are the most useful? All of them of course. How many times have you done the same algo and then the next day, or even hours later, you completely forgot it? This happens ALL THE TIME for me and I'm sure a lot of you experience the same frustration. Is it our brains, or are we not as smart as others? I have came up with a technique that I believe will help ANY TYPE of person at any age. I came to the conclusion that it be pmes hard to memorize when we are looking at each and every next move while turning the cube. R... U.... R'... U'.... etc... This isn't a good way for me to learn and I need to simplify it or just make a more fluent way to remember what I am doing or need to do.

My technique is pretty much this... I have created names for most moves, by using SEXY MOVE as the base. Amd most of the names usually begin with an R move. For instance, of you are trying to memorize R U R' F' then it will be way easier to remember this by giving that move a more specific name such as SEXY INVERSE HAMMER, instead of trying to remember each specific turn of the cube based on the algo you are looking at on a computer screen or whatever. I mean, we ALL know SEXY MOVE alike the back of our hand, so I took that concept and just expanded it so anyone can do it. I will explain this in more detail later. I have MANY MANY MORE to share. I hope this is exciting for a lot of you that have a hard time remembering algos like me!!!