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A Few Random Puzzles (including some cubicle labs and collectibles))

Apr 17, 2017
Ohio, United States
Visit Channel
-CH Chuwen M 2x2
-Cubicle Labs Chuwen M 2x2
-Cubicle Labs GTS2 M (w/ stand)
-(Discontinued) Original Shengshou 3x3
-Shengshou Mirror Blocks
-Dayan Zhanchi 2017 3x3 (Sold)

-Some 5x5 idk (if you want to know I can send you internal pics or whatever)
Xman Galaxy V1 Sculpted Megaminx
Qiyi Wuque 4x4
Xman Bell Magnetic Pyraminx
Shengshou V5 4x4
Weichuang GTS 5x5

Cubicle Labs Weipo M 2x2

DM for pictures and such

Prices: Message, usually best offer but will negotiate

Shipping: Depending on # of cubes bought and location
United States: $5 (Free if 3 or more cubes bought)
Outside US: Vaires

Comment with any questions
DM for offers or prices

Mostly looking for just money but will trade for the following cubes:
Valk 2 M Stickerless
X-Man Bell Pyraminx Stickerless (yes I know I’m selling one)
Regular GTS 2M Stickerless
Gan 354 M
Aoyan Skewb
Some other cube that would be worth the trade

Cheers! -Braden
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