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A Break and a Failing Start


Jun 28, 2018
I am fairly new to cubing and was very active during the beginning, made it to a PB of 30 seconds and was also averaging around that. I went to one comp (And Felix Zemdegs wasn't there, thanks GAN!) and my ao5 was 38 seconds. At the time that was okay because I got two good solves, two bad solves and an okay solve. After the comp I felt really inspired to cube thanks to the fast cubers that attended the event, however after I did ton of solves I took a break for no particular reason. It wasn't really a break it was more "I did close to no solves for over a month." My average of 30 had turned into more of an average of 40. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions to help my practice to average a better time.

I would like to say my cube definitely isn't the problem because I got really good times with it and I am sure it is my lack of practice. Also I don't want to try a new method, I think that will make things worse but if you have any quicker algs that would be helpful.


Feb 14, 2014
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Practice! You can't really expect to be just as fast when you don't cube for a while, but it's really not too hard to get back to your former average if you just solve without getting discouraged.

What method are you currently using? If you're using CFOP and definitely don't want to switch methods, I'd recommend working on your F2L and starting to learn full PLL.