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A Better Method for Beginners to Solve EPLL Before Corners

Aug 12, 2013
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It's a widely known method to solve the EPLL before corners on the last layer step


Usually the recognition is not that good or straight forward.

So I developed a method to solve EPLL in two simple steps:

Step 1: Solve the UL edge
Step 2: Recognize case and Apply Sune(s) with proper AUF(s)

Here is the full document:


For step 1 you just do the Up layer movement to put the respective UL piece on it's place. Pretty straight forward
For step two you'll look on Front Center and UF edge, Right Center and UR edge. Then the case is defined by the relation between each piece and the center below.

For example this case:



Front center is the same of front edge (F-SAME). Right center is adjacent to right edge (R-ADJ).

There are two F-ADJ R-ADJ patterns, but it's easy to identify as one is checkerboard pattern and the other is not.

Have fun!
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