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6x6 performance vs 7x7 performance



I have a (probably old batch) wuhua, its super slugggish, slow and pops pretty easy. I've tried to set it up but it still sucks. A few months later I got a wuji, straight out of the box it was very fast, light and "swishy". I can understand that the internals might affect the 6x6s performance negatively but such a big difference between basically the same cube seems weird.
May 16, 2015
Kent, England
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6x6s have always performed worse than their 7x7 counterparts, this is nothing new. V-cube 6 vs 7, Shengshou 6x6 vs 7x7, Moyu AoShi vs AoFu GT, and I assume it's the same with Yuxin too (never tried their 7x7). It's also not uncommon for a 5x5 to perform better than its closest 4x4 equivalent too.

It's not just the internals themselves, I don't think, but also that even numbered cubes require other minor design changes to keep said internals aligned to not pop like crazy.
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