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6.42 3x3 ao5 w/ZZ

Jun 12, 2019
People on discord told me to post this here, so that's what I'm doing.

(The rules for the puzzle video gallery say videos should be appropriate, so I should warn you that the video has some swearing in it)

This is my 6.42 PB ao5 which I got using ZZ, also featuring a PB single. To get an average this fast is nice, but to get it on cam too is crazy. Here are the reconstructions/stats and some comments on each solve (I did these myself, but if you want more detailed stats you can check out Stewy's reconstruction here.)

Solve 1 (7.96):
https://alg.cubing.net/?setup=F2_R-_B2_R2_F2_U2_R-_U2_L2_D2_L-_F2_D-_R-_B_D-_R-_U2_L_F-_U-_&alg=F2_R-_U_F_D_R-_D-_L_D-_R-//EOCross L_U-_L-_U2_R-_U-_R//pair_1 U2_R_U_R-//pair_2 U-_L_U-_L-_U2_L-_U_L//pair_3 L_U_L-_U_L_U_L-//pair_4 U2_l-_U-_L_U_l_F-_L-_F//OCLL x_L2_D2_L-_U-_L_D2_L-_U_L-//PLL x-_U-//AUF

55 moves, 6.91 TPS (STM)

Decent solve, although the EOCross was kinda bad and the lockup on the a perm was disappointing.

Solve 2 (4.44):
https://alg.cubing.net/?setup=D2_B_L2_B-_D2_B-_L2_U2_L2_R2_B_R_F_U2_F-_D-_L2_B2_D_U-_F-_&alg=F2_U_F_R2_U_L//EOXXCross U-_L_U-_L-_R-_U_R//pair_3 U2_L_U_L-_U_L_U_L-//pair_4 U_M2_U-_M_U2_M-_U-_M2//EPLL

29 moves, 6.53 TPS (STM)

It's no wonder this was a PB single, considering the surprisingly low movecount of the solve.

Solve 3 (7.57):
https://alg.cubing.net/?setup=F_R_F-_U_L2_B2_L-_U_R-_F2_B2_D2_L_F2_R_B2_L-_F2_U-_&alg=F-_U-_L_U_F-_D-_L_R2-_U_D-//EOCross L-_U-_L//pair_1 R-_U_R//pair_2 R_U_R-_U_R_U_R-_L_U_L-//pair_3 U_R_U2_R-_U2_R_U-_R-//pair_4 U_R_U_R-_U_R_U2_R-//OCLL U_L-_U-_L_F_L-_U-_L_U_L_F-_L2_U_L//PLL

56 moves, 7.4 TPS (STM)

Another decent solve, but again with lockups and a somewhat inefficient EOCross.

Solve 4 (5.58):
https://alg.cubing.net/?setup=R2_U-_F2_D-_U2_L2_B2_U2_B2_U-_B2_F2_U-_L-_D_B2_R-_F2_L-_F_U_&alg=U-_F-_B2_R2_U-_L2//EOCross R_U-_R-_L-_U-_L//pair_1 U-_R_U2_R2_U-_R//pair_2 L_U-_L-_U_L_U-_L-//pair_3 x-_R_U-_R-_D-_R_U_R-_D//l3c

34 moves, 6.09 TPS (STM)

I did what the cool kids call "zeroing" on this solve, because I noticed that I had 3 corners left once I got to last slot. Gave me a nice counting 5, and I was pretty nervous at this point because I knew it would be sub 7 if I got anything decent on the last solve.

Solve 5 (6.10):
https://alg.cubing.net/?setup=D2_F2_R_B2_F2_D2_B2_R-_U2_R_F-_D-_F2_U2_R_F_U_L-_B-_L2_R2&alg=B-_F_D-_R-_L_B2_D//EOCross L_U2_L-_R_U-_R-//pair_1 U-_R-_U-_R//pair_2 U2_L-_U_L//pair_3 L_U2_L-_U2_L_U-_L-//pair_4 l-_U-_L_U_l_F-_L-_F//OCLL U//AUF

37 moves, 6.07 TPS (STM)

Not very good TPS considering how easy and ergonomic the scramble was. I locked up during EOCross because I was extremely nervous due to the 4 good solves I had just gotten. Could've been much faster, but it was still a counting 6.1 so I don't really have any complaints.

Very nice scrambles for this average, resulting in low movecount solutions. The two 7 second solves were kind of disappointing though, because they both had significant lockups that could have made them faster. The 6.10 also had a large lockup. However, this average is still fast and I'm quite happy with it. I think what I want to work on now is having more efficient EOCrosses and learning ZBLL.


Jul 27, 2020
There are obvious advantages to ZZ-A (mainly the slot neutral thing) and I would say for that reason that doing ZZ-C (over 500 algs compared to maybe 400 necessary for A) it's better to do A. There isn't loads in it though. Also skips.
Yeah but ct combined with c get rid of the trash cases and ct is pretty easily slot neutral.


Feb 5, 2020
I like these debates but nobody can actually prove through Statistical Analysis whether one Variant is better or worse Objectively speaking as speed-cubing, speed-cubers, and algs are changing all the time. Is anything better than 4LLL obviously but people can still be sub 12 with 4LLL they just focus on more important parts of the solve like F2L and 1rst step efficiency.