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5x5x5 Dodecagonal Bipyramid (incl. Stickering Timelapse)


Mar 19, 2008
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Hey everyone! :)

I always loved the shape of a hexagonal bipyramid, so I thought i could push that a bit further and make it 12 sides per pyramid and not only 6.
So I sat down and sanded the 5x5x5 down for about 30 hours (full build time around 50 hours), extended some surfaces and handcut stickers.
The base puzzle is a V-Cube 5.

I documented my build in a "Complete Build Guide" that i posted on Youtube and that can be watched here:

5x5x5 Dodecagonal Bipyramid - Complete Build Guide

The 3,5 hours of stickering were squished down into a 5 minute video:

Stickering Time-lapse (link to youtube)

For this tutorial I did a voiceover which I usually dont do.
If you watched some of my earlier videos too (or didnt :p), can you please give me some feedback as if I should make a commentary during the build or afterwards?
That would be kindly appreciated :D

The whole stickering process (cutting and applying) was filmed too, so I will post a Timelapse of that on Wednesday here :)


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