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50 reasons you know you're addicted to speed solving

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Feb 11, 2011
Everyone here loves to Solve Rubiks cubes but how addicted are you? Well, here's 50 reasons you may be addicted to Speedsolving those addicting little puzzles

(Heres how it works, at the end of the bolded underlined italic sentence (Cant miss it), apply any of the numbered sentences below to that bolded underlined italic sentence to get one completed sentance, any that apply to you post in the comment section below, enjoy!

You know your addicted to speed solving...

1. When you've tried to learn algorithms on your phone.

2. That whenever something bad happens during a solve you scream damn it and try again

3. That you have spent so much time solving cubes you actually don't remember anything the past month

4. That you've moved your favorite cubes into the bathroom just in case you feel you could break the WR.

5. When you actually think there are only 6 colors in the world

6. When you get pissed when a little kid solves it faster than you

7. When You are solving a cube while driving

8. When your hands are so gnarled from speed solving, you can't even tie your shoes.

9. When you solve cubes endlessly without learning any new algorithms and hope to see improvements in your time

10. When you have more cubes than you really need

11. When your parents are trying to leave the house and you scream "Just a minute" and figure out which cube you would like to take.

12. When every project you are working on has to have a cube in it

13. When you shave a picture of a Rubik's cube in the back of your head

14. When you say you're really good at math while solving when you are not

15. When you have a picture with Feliks laying on the ground smiling with his cubes on your background in your phone, computer, etc

16. When your account names cubing centric For ex. (TheRubiksGod) or (CubePower) etc

17. When you have driven more than 2hrs to get to a cubing comp

18. When you say to your mother "yeah I only have so and so more pll's to learn before oll's and then f2l using the Fridrich method, only 45 more algorithms to go before i can get a sub 20 solve" and after you are done she has her pokerface on

19. When you pay for a membership on a cubing forum

20. When you stay up past 12.00 Pm solving rubik's cubes when you should be in bed

21. When unsolved puzzles irritate you


Finish the list, Only 30 more to go!
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Apr 21, 2008
When it takes you at least ten more minutes when you're called to the dinner table
When your driving instructor tells you to take a U turn to the left and you just sit there in confusion
When you see someone having car trouble you call DNF!
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Jan 6, 2010
when you forget your cube at home and you have a virtual cube on your phone, just in case.
when you replace all the lightbulbs in your house to bright white lights so you have no orange/red white/yellow confusion.
when you learn big cube bld.
when you listen to cubecast while you are doing an avg of 100.
when you learn eg2.
when you run to the store to get jigaloo before its banned.
when guhong is about to be unsellable and you immediately find an outlet and buy 10 of them.
when you have rubiks cube salt and pepper shakers (or have other random rubiks cube accessories)
when the reset button on your stackmat timer is gone and is now a 3x3 sticker.
when you get aggrivated seeing 'what cube is the best' threads daily.
when you spend an extra hour at work instead of going home just because 'the lighting is better here'.
when it takes you more than an hour just to scramble all of your puzzles in your collection.
when you feel uneasy about solving untimed, just in case you get a PB.
when you 'take a break' from cubing, in hopes of getting better when you return.
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