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Dec 24, 2015
somehow, the centers swap positions after I'm finished pairing the edges. Maybe it's because I use Dw R' F R F' R U' R' for the last two edges? Not sure.
Going to guess you never solved your centres correctly to begin with.

Also is it viable to do centers first then edges?
Sort of, but to repeat what others have said, learning the Yau method is recommended. Yau is somewhat less efficient than (the most efficient variants of) reduction, but allows for much better piece visibility and lookahead.


Jan 9, 2020
Alone at Target
Asking how to get faster when you are this slow is kinda dumb. At this point there are obvious things you need to do like practice, practice and uhhh oh right! Practice!

Jay Mcneill has a good video about this (I don't remember which one) but he outlined in the video that, when you are slow there is tons of time that can be made up by practice and familiarity with your method/algs.

So practice and don't ask for help anymore until you reach 1 minute which is where you might ACTUALLY need tips for improvement. Until then PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE