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[Unofficial] 47.36 3BLD (and a DNF + 52.81)


May 14, 2011
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I got the scrambles from the organizer, so here's a reconstruction. After looking at it a second time, the 47 scramble was quite easy. Good thing I didn't realize that; otherwise, I may have messed up somehow.

Reconstruction of the 47.36:

Scramble: F2 U2 R2 D2 L' U2 L' F2 L' D2 R' D' B' F2 L R2 D' R' D2 B

y' z2 // Memo

z' R2 U R' D2 R U' R' D2 R' z // 9/9
[D L' D', R2] // 8/17
(R' U L' U2 R U' R' U2 R L U') R D' R (F R U' R' U' R U R' F' R U R' U' R' F R F') R' D R' // 34/51

x [M', U R U'] x' // 8/8
[M2, R' U R U'] // 10/18
z' D' [M', U' R U] D z // 10/28
z' [M2, U R U'] z // 8/36
z [M', U' L' U] z' // 8/44
x' U L' U M2 U L U' x U' L U M2 U' L' U // 14/58

109 moves total.

Two things I should've done, but I was too nervous and didn't want to accidentally mess up:
Twisted corner UBR: U (R U2 R' U' R U' R' L' U2 L U L' U L) U'
Last edge cycle, DF - LU - BL: U' x [M', U' L2 U] x' U