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[Unofficial] 4 HD Quality Example 3x3x3 Solves


Feb 13, 2013
St. Charles, MO
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I started messing around with my mom's HD Camera today and I think the picture is superb. My Shengshou Pyraminx is super vibrant, but I don't have that in this video unfortunately. Anyway, I kind of wanted to create a sort of "snapshot" video of where my progress is currently. I would not consider this to be my current progress. I'm a diabetic type 1, and when my blood sugar gets low, my fingers start acting really shaky and sometimes its really good, but usually its bad. In the video it was low and my solves were..... not exemplary of my average. I don't think any of my F2L's or PLL's were all that good compared to what I usually do. And I know I didn't have camera jitters this time. Well, maybe very slightly, but not enough to make a large difference.


Criticism of the quality of the camera, or the solves is welcomed and encouraged.

When I make an official ao5 video (maybe ao12), it will be in HD again, so feel free to subscriber or whatever if you enjoy seeing it in high definition. Good video, Bad cuber. Hahaha.