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3x3 Progression Ep 2 AO5: 32.012 (PB)

Terence Tan

Nov 3, 2017
Focus on things like -

Fingertricks :
For example, I find it's easier to do F' with my right thumb when doing
F R U R' U' F' as I don't need to regrip twice to do the F' with my left index.

Another example, R U R' usually requires you to regrip your hand
(Rt (D) to do the U, but you could also do the U with your thumb on the U face to prevent unnecessary regrip.

(Not to leave out)
D2 and U2 moves, with your right and left hands.

Doing U moves to find pairs:
Alot of times during F2L, doing U moves to find F2L pieces is much better than rotating the cube.

In most cases, you are able to find pieces by doing U moves if they aren't trapped in other slots.

Solving F2L pairs with your left hand and inserting to the back:

Being able to solve pairs with your left hand is crucial as you don't have to do a y2
(double cube rotation ) just to solve that pair.

Also learn to insert pairs to the back to prevent y2 rotations.